Dreams Cost, Poverty Creates.
-Vince Rocca
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One of the most successful companies in Hollywood, PovertyWorks Pictures was formed by Vince Rocca with the sole purpose of creating inexpensive yet profitable funny stuff. The company has achieved success with two consecutive releases, starting with the $11,000 feature Kisses and Caroms, starring Ginger Lynn Allen, which has grossed over $1 million in the US alone; and, most recently, Tom Ayers' short Helium, a spoof of the news that was made for a 12 pack of beer and a leftover tank of Helium. The next PovertyWorks film is GalsPanic, directed by Vince Rocca.

Vince Rocca

Vince Rocca has the kind of success that attracts people.

He made the feature film Kisses and Caroms in 5 days for $11,000 then got it distributed by Warner Bros. where it went on to gross over $1 million dollars.

He's successfully produced and distributed over a dozen adult videos into the marketplace. Many of which have toped the rental charts.

Vince owned and operated a retail store for 14 years. He's owned 3 homes and made a profit on every one. He boasts a FICO score nearing 800 and proudly carries an American Express card for over 20 years.

He's well skilled in the mechanics of business and sales. He's also fluent in HTML and proficient with programs such as PhotoShop, Final Cut, and Word.

But his greatest success comes from his relationships, including a 20 year relationship with his wife. Many of his friendships span decades. He's even had his dogs for over 10 years.

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